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2023 program

Past events

European Heritage Days




Saturday, September 16

5:00 pm: Shepherd and his flock of sheep’s arrival at the Museum.


  • Adult: 3 €
  • Under 18 years old: 1 €

Come and discover the craft trades of potter, cooper, basket-maker, blacksmith, wheelwright, spinner, knitter, lace-maker, weaver, felt-maker, broom-maker, baker, woodworker…

Try your hand at small workshops such as pen-and-ink writing, weaving, traditional dances or building a cob wall.

Traditional games will also be on offer from the departmental federation of rural homes, including Gascon skittles.




Sunday, September 17

2:00 pm: Grape harvest from the Museum’s vineyards.

3:30 pm: Honey harvest from the Museum’s beehives.


  • Adult: 3 €
  • Under 18 years old: 1 €

Harvest day at the Museum! Take advantage of our activities around viticulture and beekeeping.

The Museum’s Meal-Concerts

For a Gascon culture in the spotlight, from the plate to the stage!

Cracade, ©Cracade
Guillaume Lopez Quartet, ©J.Ducos
Joan Francés Tisnèr, ©Georges Souche